About us

The clothing consumer is better informed about the need for sustainability than ever, and we know that dialogue between manufacturer and customer is central to achieving shared goals. With this, we seek to provide proper transparency across the journey of our products, and empower you to best take your place in the cycle.

The three core pillars of our approach to sustainability focus on supply chain traceability, the fibres we use and the circularity of our garments. The first two we can take care of and simply pass on information to you, but the third requires some of your help once we’ve handed over your product. You will find out more on this subject on our Care page.

Supply Chain

Starting with our supply chain, which is central to the ethical approach that Mazinyi was founded upon, involves not just the origin of our product but the people involved. Addressing the impact of transport on the supply chain, we make 90% of our product here in the UK. By making our product here, not only can we oversee the quality without the environmental cost of flights and freight but have closer engagement with everyone along the line from sketch to shipping.


Most of our garments are made from either organic cotton or merino wool, two materials prized for their quality, functionality and renewability. They are also both totally biodegradable and recyclable, meaning they can be either reintroduced into circular manufacture to make new garments or returned to the earth restoring nutrients for another life cycle.

For our cotton t-shirts we work with a fantastic UK-Based partner, I Dress Myself who help us remove the often harmful dyeing process by blending recycled cotton fibres to three great basic colours. Also cutting down the energy expended, the process creates both a superb texture and a flattering ‘heather’ effect that resists colour fade often seen with flat coloured garments.


With every purchase our customers can click easy knowing we’ve sourced the most ethically and sustainably responsible packaging on the market with function firmly placed above form. Pretty, overly complicated packaging might look cool but isn’t cool for our planet.

 All of our packaging and marketing materials are totally recycled and biodegradable with no single use plastic and all made and printed here in the United Kingdom.


Meet the founder

I wanted to make products that epitomise me and my story. Creations inspired by my love for timeless silhouettes fused with modern athleticism

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